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Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Shoe Trends

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Shoe Trends

We have been covering all the fall/ winter 2015-2016 fashion trends seen on the Fashion Week runways at this point, ranging from New York to Paris, London and Milan. We have looked into the colors and the prints, as well as the general styles of clothing pieces you’re going to wear come the cold months. Now, we bring to you the complete fall/ winter 2015-2016 shoe trends report that you have all been waiting for. After all, after diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friends.

The Fashion Weeks lasted for about a month all together, but we cannot help but feel like the overload of information appeared to extend the time period. The clothing was definitely the main focus of the fashion shows overall, as is always the case, but when we cast our gazes downwards, closer to the ground, we were thoroughly captivated by the wide array of fabulous footwear staring back at us, marching and stomping and sashaying and gliding down the runways. Looking at all the pieces, we can certainly say that quite a few trends were spotted amongst the mix, pieces that have grabbed our attention and not very likely to let go anytime soon. Fancy feet we can call them, but we know better than anyone that we would be lost without our shoe collections to liven up any outfit we deem fit to wear for the day.

Classic Pumps

The classic pump was to be seen everywhere on the fall/ winter 2015-2016 runway shows. It was back in style and looked amazing with cropped pants, flared trousers, leather leggings and all. Thin heels or thick, pumps were one of the biggest fall 2015 shoe trends to hit the stage and we cannot help but jump with joy for it.

Perfect Ankle Booties

Booties are big for the fall and winter seasons and with good cause too! They are just high enough to endure the snows and keep the feet warm

Peep-Toe Shoes and Sandals

While it is crystal clear that if one plans on going out in the fall or winter seasons the feet should be well clad and kept warm, there are days and times in certain places where it is not as cold as you would think and where you can get away with an open toe or a sling-back design. You can have the shoes in thick or thin heels, the material in anything you wish.

Lace Up Footwear or Gladiator Style

During the spring and summer season runway shows, we were mesmerized by the amount of gladiator style footwear that appeared on the catwalks, making it one of the biggest hits for the season. Now, we see those gladiator shoes take on new form, as the lacing idea is evolved to add character to a whole slew of different fashion house footwear designs. It is quite the lovely addition to any piece your feet are clad in really and we are happy to see the lacing adapted to the winter months so well.

Alligator Skin or Snakes? Reptile Shoes

Exotic prints have appeared on many a piece of clothing that has been sent down the runway, including alligator skin materials that shine bright and give us a sense of warrior abilities found in the women sporting them. It’s like wearing shark tooth necklaces that inspire one to believe in the wearer’s courage and boldness, strength and unwavering skills.

Chunky Heeled Footwear

This year, the cooler seasons seem to have many different types of footwear available for them, many of which appear in chunkier heels that are all the more comfortable for the feet, no matter the height. While you would be teetering on stilettoes, the chunkier styles offer a whole lot more stability in the long run, while still looking stylishly sexy.

Add in the Geometry

While chunky heels are in, some of the fashion houses have opted to add more character to them and, while they are not quirky, make them reminiscent of artistic endeavours which look really good when turned into the heel of a shoe.

Latex Shoes and Boots

It appears that nearly every designer to showcase his or her collection on the runway for the fall and winter 2015-2016 seasons found the use of latex to be quite necessary. It is a very practical material, stretching out and encapsulating the leg, whether in a bootie or thigh high length style. It is easy to care for, does not require much work with it overall, and emphasizes the beauty of the limbs it holds within. It is a futuristic look that we cannot help but love for its ingenuity and lovely aesthetics.

Narrow with Super Long Noses

This looks beautiful but we all know that many women don’t have very thin and long feet, but for those who do, the long and narrow nose of the shoes will look fantastic! Many designers stuck to engineering their footwear with this style and ideal however, which slightly defies the whole comfort aspect that has been the main theme of the 1970s fashions brought to the modern era.

Stocking Boots

Stocking boots are very pretty overall and quite comfortable in themselves. It fits the foot and leg perfectly, including on women with soccer calves like me, looking particularly glamorous when fitted in fashion latex and lacquered leather. It complements the whole outfit as well as really looks lovely on the limbs.

Low Heeled Shoes

While many of the fall 2015 shoes showcased on the runway shows have rather high heels, others are pretty short or almost flat. They come in platforms and kitten heels and a whole slew of designs. We especially love the platforms that are low on the boots

Hairy/Furry Shoes

Possibly the most prominent trend in footwear to be seen on the runway is the furry/hairy look that makes it appear as if you have turned little fuzzball animals into your shoes. It reigned supreme on the spring/summer runways as well, and has rolled into the colder seasons of the year, showing how popular it has become. Yet, we have to wonder at the popularity of footwear that is more suited for children’s cartoon characters than on your feet, figments of one’s imagination on drugs come to life.

Beaded or Jewelled Shoes

Another big trend was the whole line-up of jewel patterned or bead embellished shoes.

These pieces are interesting to say the least and throw in a whole lot of fab glam attitude for the wearer. Why not allow yourself to feel like a diva?

Space Age Shoes

Since many of the designers were looking forwards instead of focusing on the past, it’s only right that we saw many footwear pieces which took into consideration heelless platforms with quirky, bizarre and entirely space-age geometric shapes

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